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All interpreters will need to meet the health status requirements (i.e. flu shot, TB testing, hepatitis immunization, etc.); must clear a criminal background check; and must complete required forms, such as the W-9, confidentiality forms, and any additional forms needed by PollyChirp™ Interpreting, its client base, governing bodies and/or certifying bodies for your area of expertise.

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About Us

Andrea Marko is the owner and president of PollyChirp™ Interpreting. Since 2010, Andrea has been committed to providing the best sign and foreign language interpreters along the eastern seaboard, and expanding west, across the United States. Raised by a German mother and military father, Andrea grew up as a first generation American in a very multi cultural home, speaking German, English and Spanish. Andrea has experience with many kinds of business startups and is primarily a numbers person, with gained experience from a variety of companies, before launching PollyChirp™ Interpreting. Andrea is a terrific combination of numbers and heart, carrying a BS/BM and gaining double certification in Human Resources Management. Her passion is in seeing other first generation Americans receive the best communication services possible. Her business model is one of caring for clients—both the interpreters that are hired as subcontractors and the clients PollyChirp serves-the hospitals, educational institutions, and other companies that count on PollyChirp™ to provide professional interpreter services. On time. Every time.

Connie Osborne Torres is PollyChirp’s number one “go to” person. Connie is the Director of Coordination Services for PollyChirp™ Interpreting. She is the primary contact for currently signed companies seeking interpreter services. She coordinates and contracts more than 50 interpreters at dozens of different locations in different states on a daily basis. PollyChirp™ Interpreting prides itself on its nearly 100 percent fill rate—even for last minute requests. Connie graduated from Northern Arizona University with a business management degree. She doesn’t know ANY foreign language and says she barely got out of high school Spanish alive. But what she doesn’t know in terms of language, she more than makes up in the care and concern she has for the people involved with PollyChirp. She handles all the logistics for connecting professional interpreters with clients in need of interpreting services. She remains involved from inquiry to fulfillment; coordinating places, people and logistics-parking, changed rooms, discharged patients and more. She sends out electronic reminders to interpreters and will often call with a great last minute job to fill a need. Reach Connie at

Molly Creswell is Director of New Business, hailing from the State of Washington; Molly graduated from Old Dominion University in Virginia. She has worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist for more than 20 years. Working with several different populations including geriatrics, rehabilitation and pediatrics, she currently holds a license and has a private practice in Denver, Colorado. Molly recently agreed to come on board at PollyChirp™ Interpreting where she feels she will have an extraordinary impact-serving the communication needs of foreign language and hearing impaired clients, by providing interpreters across the United States in all manner of situations, including medical, legal, mental health and educational settings.

Can we provide you with a quote on using PollyChirp™ to fill all of the interpreter needs in your company? Please email Molly here.

Liz Kukahiko is Director of Human Resources. Every new interpreter that is added to PollyChirp’s family of interpreters nationwide, must go through Liz who ensures that each interpreter is qualified by whichever state we are placing the interpreters. Liz makes sure that if they are working in a hospital setting that they have the appropriate tests and requirements to allow them the freedom to work. Liz keeps track of W9s, explains PollyChirp’s generous pay scale, including holiday pay and parking reimbursement. Liz also reaches out to new interpreters who may be interested in working with PollyChirp™ Interpreting. Liz grew up in a very multi-cultural, bilingual home, speaking French and Romanian. She worked many years as a deaf relay specialist, and understands the challenges of both speaking and non-speaking persons’ language needs. She is committed to helping provide excellent service to all.

Are you interested in becoming an interpreter with PollyChirp™ Interpreting? Reach Liz at

Lavone Snyder takes the night shift. Interpreting services–medical emergencies and last minute appointments don’t happen neatly between 8 am and 5 pm. PollyChirp™ is committed to providing interpreter services as close to 24/7 as possible. Lavone provides the essential link of being available to schedule, change, cancel and coordinate interpreter services that happen after hours. She mans the phones weekday evenings and weekends to bridge the gap between the regular full-time employees and companies that operate in different time zones and on a 24/7 basis, like hospitals and mental health facilities. Surprisingly cheerful, even at 3 am, Lavone considers this position the perfect job for the current season of her life: mom to young children. It’s been a win-win relationship and we are very happy with the role she serves in allowing the other employees to get some sleep! Contact Lavone at

Joy Maples handles the important job of getting the interpreters paid. Originally from California, Joy attended CSU Northridge and became involved in CSUN’s National Center on Deafness where she trained to become a sign language interpreter. She later moved to GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness) where she was a staff interpreter, working throughout Los Angeles County. She knows the special challenges of interpreters and works hard to make the process of submitting invoices and getting paid as seamless as possible.

If you have questions on billing or invoices, contact Joy at